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CMAG Advertising Data Reports & Ad Alerts

CMAG is the only one-stop source for buy, spending, and content analysis for political, advocacy, and influencer-focused advertising.

Monitoring an influx of political and issue advertisements in print, on television, on the radio, and on the web can be a difficult task for campaign managers, media buyers and journalists. Our unique, dynamic deliverables—including our emailed Ad Alert notifications of new commercials hitting the air, and our customizable reports—enable our clients to stay on top of even the greatest surges of ad activity.



  • Track political and issue advertisements featured on TV, in print, online, and on the radio
  • Analyze data in real-time to inform political or issue campaign ad-buying strategies
  • Report with great accuracy and specificity on spots aired, ad content and trends for news stories
  • Consult with CMAG executives for relevant insights and unmatched expertise

Campaigns and other political and issue advertisers, media buyers and the news media find our data reports and Ad Alerts to be instrumental to the success of their own efforts. Whether campaigns are looking to gain competitive intelligence on their opponents, or reporters are fact-checking ad activity by an advocacy group, CMAG unfailingly provides clients with comprehensive and reliable information.